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Pastor Joshua Obermann is the new Pastor at Grace Lutheran Church of St Cloud. Pastor Obermann is a recent graduate of Concordia Seminary in St Louis Missouri. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Concordia University in Seward Nebraska and now a Master of Divinity degree. Pastor Obermann completed his vicarage at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Jacksonville Florida where he demonstrated “personal and spiritual maturity beyond his years”. In addition, his vicarage supervisor states “he maintains a good balance between Law and Gospel”.

Pastor Obermann is the third of four children born to Paul and Donna Obermann of Peoria Illinois. They currently live in Phoenix Arizona. He was raised in Peoria and the family attended Redeemer Lutheran Church where he was baptized and confirmed. His Mom and Dad are very faithful people and both active within the church. Hence, Joshua accepted Christ into his life at an early age. Prayer was an integral part of his family life and continues to be as such today. He attended Concordia Lutheran grade school where his Mother also taught pre-K.  His Dad was an active member of the church, functioning as usher and Elder and Pastor Obermann remembers his Dad often reading the Bible. He considers his parents to be the major influential elements in his growth of faith, prayer and love of God. His favorite scriptures come from the book of Colossians. Pastor states that in this book Paul writes a letter to the people reminding them how to live as a Christian: to pray regularly so to live in faith, pray for strength when we meet resistance, and pray for the final outcome of faith – eternal life.

Basketball was the sport to follow in the Obermann family. While Pastors dad is an avid Chicago Bulls fan, Pastor favored the Indiana Pacers, and admired the work of Coach Vogel. Hence, we may have a new Magic fan among us as Coach Vogel is now with the Orlando Magic.

Pastor Obermann and his lovely wife Hannah were joined in Holy Matrimony December 28th, 2009. They both met while attending Concordia University where they both volunteered in missionary work in Biloxi Mississippi, repairing homes in 2006-2008. She has earned her degree in Christian Education and plans to become involved in our pre-K school in the church.

Pastor Obermann and Hannah have two beautiful children: a son Rhett -4, a daughter Poppy – 1.Sunday June 12th, 2016 began a new day in Pastor Obermanns’ biography as he was ordained and installed as our Pastor here at Grace Lutheran Church. We the members of Grace Lutheran proclaim that this day begins a new chapter, a great chapter in his biography. It is our hope that when Pastor Joshua Obermann looks back upon the various chapters of his life, he is able to say that the love of God, the love of his family and the love of his congregation has and will be the highlights of him and his ministry.

Reverend Dr. Paul Foelber

Reverend Harold Storm

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