We can use canned soup, canned pasta, peanut butter, grape jelly,

canned tuna, and vienna sausages.  With classes returning to local

schools in just a few weeks, St. Cloud Cares anticipates 350 Care

Paks.  These CarPaks will be needed  by local elementary school


When gathering your items please “pass on the glass”.  Glass

containers may break before they make it home.  Also, look at the best

buy or expiration dates and make sure they are older than December 2017.

  Anything prior to these dates we will not be able to use the food or pass it

along to other food distribution agencies.  Thank You for your continued

support!!  It is needed by so many children.

If you would like to volunteer, donate money or need further information , fill out the form below 

 Are you looking for an opportunity to volunteer some of your time? Why not volunteer hours at our community food pantry? There are seven churches in our community that regularly serve at the Food Pantry. Hence, every seven weeks Grace Lutheran serves Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10 am till 2 pm.  

During this time: we complete registration forms on the computer, bag groceries, restock shelves, share information about additional resources in the community,  share a smile and give a comforting, reassuring word with families that are experiencing a difficult time in their lives. 

If you would like to spend time volunteering, I encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.  We require a total of five people for each scheduled day; however, there is plenty of work to be done, hence, please volunteer.  Contact Candi today at 407-891-8737.

Saturday May 13th the “Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive” sponsored by the United States Postal Service occurred. Many volunteers came out that day to receive food items, check expiration dates, sort and store the food brought in by the postal workers. All food collected in St Cloud stayed in St Cloud and was donated to the St Cloud Community Pantry. More than 13k pounds of food was collected that day!!  Thank you St Cloud residents.

Did you know?

1.St Cloud Veterans Library donates all the Bibles they receive to the Pantry. They are given to clients upon request.

2.Every time you donated to Publix “Food for Sharing” program in April, you were helping to purchase food for the pantry. In June, Publix will deliver 6 pallets of food to the pantry.

3.Pantry Director, Tammi, was awarded the “Hometown Hero Award” from the Woodsmen Fraternal in March. This award was given for serving mankind. 

We actively Support the St. Cloud Food Pantry.

Click here for details on volunteering or donating food.


Our goal is to provide a variety of developmentally appropriate hands-on activities for children to explore and manipulate. The activities throughout the day will help develop language, gross and fine motor skills. Our daily interactions will foster positive self-concepts, socials skills and reasoning skills. As children are ready to sit and participate in circle times, these opportunities will be available. Activities throughout the day include free play, texture table, play dough, concept games, art, stories, Bible stories, music, outside play, quiet time, and nap time.

St. Cloud Food Pantry