Our goal is to provide a variety of developmentally appropriate hands-on activities for children to explore and manipulate. The activities throughout the day will help develop language, gross and fine motor skills. Our daily interactions will foster positive self-concepts, socials skills and reasoning skills. As children are ready to sit and participate in circle times, these opportunities will be available. Activities throughout the day include free play, texture table, play dough, concept games, art, stories, Bible stories, music, outside play, quiet time, and nap time.


Who We Are
Our loving and caring congregation belongs to the Lutheran Church Missouri-Synod (LCMS). To learn more about our bible based teachings and presentation of Biblical doctrine please visit




  1. Evangelism Ministry

    Connect with visitors, community and Christ.

  2. Social Ministry

    Participate in one of many community outreach and Church social functions.

  3. Bible Study         Attend one of our many weekly Bible study sessions. Check calendar for details.



Be a part of something bigger


We are pleased to have you consider being a part of the Grace Lutheran family! It is here that you are invited to grow with us in living a life of joy through the teachings of Jesus. Our mission is that you leave Sunday morning services with renewed hope and faith in your life and to spread the message of Christ’s love with others!