Group Activity

Learning Full Circle

Circle time is an opportunity for our students to learn and participate together. New ideas, concepts, and the message of God’s love are introduced to foster a sense of community and belonging. The books chosen for our student’s focus on important themes and are presented in various enjoyable ways. Music and movement is a time to incorporate fun activities such as rhyming songs, educational games, dancing, and using musical instruments to learn. Math and science are presented through interactive and hands-on activities to promote confidence and imaginative thinking. Important milestones the students reach during the year are nurtured through lessons that focus on hand-eye coordination and the development of fine motor skills. 

Small Friends

Big Memories

In Grace's 3-year old class, your child will develop social skills, begin to learn songs, numbers, letters, and respect for others. Our 3-year-old teachers, carefully crafts a daily

lesson plan that will help your child

develop. They also designs their classroom

to make learning fun and exciting.

2's - 4 Year olds  

Ready Set Learn

Classes that reinforce

At Grace Lutheran Preschool, we decorate our classrooms with visual aides that reinforce your child's learning. We use numbers, letters, calendars, games, job assignments (i.e. line leader, room helper, flag holder, etc.), pictures and games to make everyday informative and educational.